TST Oliveoil, Extra virgin 250ml

TST Oliveoil, Extra virgin 250ml - Lempi Lifestyle

First cold pressed Extra Vrgin oliveoilThis olive oil selection is dedicated to the professional chef to complement his cuisine in the best tradition of the Mediterranean. The olives are collected and processed at a ripe stage resulting in an olive oil that suggests aromas of apple, tomato and almonds. It is slightly fruity to sweet.

Näringsvärde Per 100g: Kalorier, kcal: 884, Fett: 100g– Enkelomättat fett: 72,6 g– Mättat fett: 14,3 g – Fleromättat fett: 8,80 gE-vitamin: 17,5 mg (146% av RDI)K-vitamin: 52 µg (69,3% av RDI)Omega 3: 0,7 g Omega-6: 8,1 g, salt 0g

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